Mental Wellbeing

To be able to best care for others, you need to be caring for yourself. That can sometimes be easier said than done, with common challenges like finding the time and space, feeling selfish for putting yourself first, or even just knowing where to start, to be overcome.

On these pages you’ll find our resources to help you look after your mental wellbeing, and hopefully help you find a way through some of life’s challenges.

Mental Wellbeing

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Low Mood: what it is and what helps

In this session, Dr Sheila Ross and Dr Alastair Dobbin, from the Foundation for Positive Mental Health, discuss low mood – what it is, what may cause it, and some…

Top tips for managing stress and burnout

Maintain balance between your work and home lives.

Top tips for managing anxiety

Distract yourself from worries by doing something else. Absorb yourself in a hobby, get some exercise, watch a film, or chat with friends.

An overview of our apps and online programmes

Smartphone apps and computer-based programmes are increasingly recommended and used to support various aspects of mental wellbeing. We offer access to a few such programmes through the National Wellbeing Hub….

Student Wellbeing – looking after yourself

Being a student is an exciting time – you might be in a new city, meeting new people, having new experiences, and learning about things that you’re really interested in….

Student Wellbeing – sleeping better

Regardless of which end of the candle you’re burning; student living isn’t always the most conducive to getting good quality sleep. You might have classes timetabled at different times on…

Sleep 101: Tips on how to improve your sleep

In this session, Dr Dimitri Gavriloff focuses on helping you gain a better understanding of what impacts a good night’s sleep and what you can do practically to take control…

Coping with Grief

When someone close to us dies there is no ‘correct’ or ‘usual’ way to cope.  Each of us experiences grief differently.  It is important to understand that grief is a…

Sleep and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

A lot of people struggle with low mood over the winter months. Some people struggle so severely they have what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In this webinar,…

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