Physical Wellbeing

When it comes to physical wellbeing, knowing what we are supposed to be doing is often the easy part. The challenges can come when trying to find the time within an already bursting calendar, accessing the right equipment, or even just finding the motivation to get moving.

Which is why we’ve compiled this list of resources to help you on your journey of physical wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

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Men’s Health – tools to help you on the road to better health

Did you know 1 in 5 men will die before they’re old enough to retire? There’s a lot of reasons why that’s the case, and there are a lot of…

Lived experience of the menopause: Louise’s story

In this video series, Louise, a manager at NHS National Services Scotland, shares her experiences of going through the menopause. For more resources on the menopause, follow this link.

Lived experience of the menopause: Tracey’s story

In this video series, Tracey, a project manager at NHS Scotland Assure, shares her story of going through the menopause. Tracey has been an NHS Scotland employee for over 20…

Reducing your alcohol intake – advice from an addictions doctor

David McCartney, an addictions doctor, gives his advice to help you cut down how much alcohol you are drinking. You can find the ‘Drinking too much alcohol?’ section of this…

Drink less – suggestions to help you cut down on alcohol

If you’re drinking heavily, it’s important to cut back gradually. If you’re a heavy drinker stopping drinking suddenly can lead to withdrawal symptoms and other health complications. If you drink…

Menopause Yoga

A menopause yoga session run by Caroline from Edinburgh Community Yoga. The session covers movements, breath work and relaxation to support menopause symptoms, with a particular focus on hot flushes,…

Gentle Yoga

Join Caroline, from Edinburgh Community Yoga, for this gentle yoga session, suitable for those with or without previous yoga experience. This is a very relaxed introductory session, and you won’t…

Improving sleep during the Menopause

In this video, Dr Jennifer Kanady, Senior Clinical Lead for Sleep at Big Health, discusses all things menopause-related, focusing particularly on the impact menopause can have on your sleep. This…

Tips for eating well on the job

Take some healthy snacks with you, such as unsalted nuts, fruit or chopped vegetables, to keep you going between meals.

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