Financial Wellbeing

Money problems can affect anyone, in any position, in any job. There’s no shame in needing help, so please don’t be put off asking for support if you’re struggling.

On this page, we’ve compiled our resources intended to help you manage money issues and the impact they could be having on you.

Financial Wellbeing

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Money Worries and Financial Wellbeing

In this session, Kevin Duffy, Scotland Partnership Manager at the Money and Pension Service (MAPS) provides an overview of the resources through the Money Helper website. Money Helper provides access…

Tips for Managing Finances

Plan your spend and budget – it might sound patronising but reviewing what’s coming into the household (earnings) and what’s going out (expenditure) can help identify potential savings.

Student Wellbeing – Managing Finances

Managing money is tricky when you’re a student. You may be eligible for a student loan or bursary which will cover rent or basic living expenses. It can be difficult…

An Introduction to Money Helper

If you’re worried about money, especially if these worries are affecting your mental health, please reach out for support. Money Helper, provided by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) provides…

Where can I get help with money worries?

For a lot of people, money is tight just now. With the prices of even the most basic essentials going up, it may be becoming increasingly difficult to make your…

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