Where can I get help with money worries?

Where can I get help with money worries?

For a lot of people, money is tight just now. With the prices of even the most basic essentials going up, it may be becoming increasingly difficult to make your income stretch to cover all your needs. If you’re worried about money and paying bills it’s important to get advice quickly before it affects your health and wellbeing. While we can’t help put more money in your pocket or food on the table, we can direct you to some resources and organisations which might help you get through this challenging time.  

There are lots of sources of money advice to help you sort out your finances and make sure that you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. On the Money Helper website you’ll find information on help with finances, your rights to sick pay, and changes to claiming benefits. For help with planning how you spend your money, and how you can make sure that you have enough to buy what you need and pay your bills, you can access their  budget planner here.

Debt advice organisations can offer specific support and guidance on dealing with debts, so here are links to some organisations that may be able to help:  

Debt Advice Foundation 

Step Change 

National Debtline 

Scotcash is a Scottish organisation which provides affordable credit without credit checks, using other ways to provide loans to people who might not get one from traditional financial organisations. It also provides financial support and guidance to help you make the most of your money. Applications can be made online or an appointment can be booked to talk to an adviser. Their website can be accessed here. 

If you work in Health or Social Care you should be eligible for the Blue Light Card, which gives you access to a variety of online and high street discounts. The card costs £4.99 with subscription lasting two years. Follow this link for more information about the Blue Light Card.

If you’re a member of a trade union, they may be able to offer welfare advice or support, so please contact them to find out what help is available. For support and guidance on how to maximise your income and make the most of your money, you’ll find help from Money Saving Expert Limited and from Pension Wise. 

For free, confidential advice on any money worries, from rent and redundancy to furlough, benefits and bills, you can also phone Citizens Advice Scotland on 0800 028 1456 or visit their website here.

The Independent Food Aid Network have produced a collection of ‘Cash First Referral Leaflets’, signposting to local support services. These are intended to help you find any financial support which you may be entitled to. Follow this link to find online and printable copies your local authority’s leaflet.

If you need to access a food bank because you have no money for food, the Trussel Trust website provides up-to-date information about local food banks, opening hours and how you can access them. The link to their website is here.

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