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Date last updated: 07 December 2022

Data controller

The controller of the personal data gathered for the National Wellbeing Hub is the Scottish Government.

Data processor

The processor of the personal data gathered for the National Wellbeing Hub is NHS Lothian’s The Rivers Centre.

Purpose of processing

We gather personal data to support the continued delivery and ongoing development of the National Wellbeing Hub to:

  1. Engage directly with users
  2. Promote the resources available

The personal data collected is only used for the purposes of the National Wellbeing Hub and it not shared any wider.

Data collected

We collect the minimum necessary personal data in ways that are fair and lawful. All personal data collected is voluntarily and there are no consequences to not providing information.

We collect the following information when you visit the National Wellbeing Hub:

  1. Any contact details you share with us including first name, surname and email address.
  2. Any feedback you share with us.
  3. Your cookies.

We collect information via Google Analytics including:

  1. which type of browser and device you used
  2. the pages you visit on the National Wellbeing Hub
  3. how long you spend on each page
  4. how you got to the site
  5. what you click on while you’re visiting the site

Legal basis

The Scottish Government as a data controller and NHS Lothian’s The Rivers Centre as data processor are required to have a legal basis when processing personal information. For the National Wellbeing Hub, our legal basis for processing your personal data is consent.


The personal data collected will only be kept for as long as necessary. In the event the website closes down, any personal data held will be destroyed.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of your data by contacting us at:

Leadership, Culture & Wellbeing Division

Health Workforce Directorate

Scottish Government

St Andrew’s House

Regent Road



Data Protection Officer’s contact details

You can contact our Data Protection Officer at

Your data protection rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulations rights include:

  1. Right to be informed of what my material will be used for
  2. Right of access to the material held
  3. Right to rectification if there are any errors in the information held
  4. Right of erasure – to withdraw consent.
  5. Right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s office:

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