An overview of our apps and online programmes

An overview of our apps and online programmes

Smartphone apps and computer-based programmes are increasingly recommended and used to support various aspects of mental wellbeing. We offer access to a few such programmes through the National Wellbeing Hub. It can be difficult sometimes though to figure out what the most suitable programme might be for you or for the issues you are experiencing. To help with this, we’ve produced this brief overview of the apps and programmes accessible through the National Wellbeing Hub, including what they do, how they work, and who they might be most suitable for. It’s worth remembering though, that not all courses will work well for everybody. If you try one and it doesn’t help, try not to feel disheartened, we will always have additional resources for each of the issues covered by these programmes available through the hub.

Daylight – for anxiety

Daylight is a smartphone-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme which aims to help you develop evidence-based techniques which you can put into practice any time you feel yourself struggling with anxiety. To complete Daylight you’ll need access to a smartphone or tablet. You’ll be encouraged to regularly practice the techniques you learn. The intention is that you will then be able to draw on these techniques, to give you in-the-moment relief when experiencing anxiety. For a quick guide to accessing Daylight, follow this link.

Feeling Good – for a positive mindset

Feeling Good is a 12-track smartphone-based self-help programme which uses a combination of relaxation, mindfulness, visualisation, and reappraisal, intended to help you develop a positive mindset. The programme consists of 12 audio tracks which you’ll need access to a smartphone or tablet to listen to, and it’s recommended you listen to each track a minimum of five times across the week before moving to the next. For a quick guide to accessing Feeling Good, follow this link.

Silvercloud – for a number of common issues

Silvercloud is an online cognitive behavioural therapy programme providing you with the tools to manage a number of common issues. Courses cover topics including Resilience, Sleep, Alcohol, Anxiety, Depression, Money Worries, and Stress. Each course is self-directed, completed at your own pace, and contains a mix of educational information, interactive tools, videos, and reflective exercises. You can complete Silvercloud courses on a computer, or smartphone/tablet, but we’ve found it easier to follow on computer. Create an account using the instructions in this link. Once you’ve created an account and logged in you can pick the course most suitable to your needs or complete a short wellbeing questionnaire and select a course from those recommended to you.

Sleepio – for sleep difficulties

Sleepio is a six-session, smartphone-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme developed by experts in sleep medicine, which aims to help you manage sleep difficulties. To complete the Sleepio programme, you’ll need access to a computer once a week, typically for around 20-25-minutes. You will be guided through each of the six sessions, where you will learn different evidence-based techniques to help you improve your sleep. You’ll also be given some exercises to practice over the coming week, as well as access to the Sleepio community where you can discuss sleep-related questions with experts in the field. For a quick guide to accessing Sleepio, follow this link.

Staying Well Road Trip – for building resilience

Lifelines Scotland have developed a Staying Well Road Trip for emergency responders, but we think it might be helpful to all those providing care to others. The Road Trip is designed to get you thinking about things that might help protect your mental wellbeing, as well as some of the challenges which might negatively affect it. You’ll learn about resilience building, identify factors within your role which might protect you against stressful or traumatic experiences, identify challenges within your role which might worsen stressful experiences, and be supported to recognise the signs that your not ok. You can take this virtual Road Trip around Scotland at your own pace, and retake it as often as you need. Follow this link to take the trip.

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