Introducing the Wellbeing Hub

We spend our days caring for others but sometimes we're not good at asking for help ourselves.

That's why we’ve created the National Wellbeing Hub. It’s a place full of ideas on how to stay well.

Take a look around or listen to a story and find something that will help you.

Latest on the hub

Team matters

“The Courage to be Kind”

0 min read

In 2021, the Carnegie Trust recorded a special podcast series entitled, “The Courage to be Kind”. Across six short episode, Carnegie Associate, Dr Elizabeth Kelly and health journalist Pennie Taylor...

Supporting Colleagues

How to start a conversation about men’s mental health

1 min read

For men, speaking openly about mental health can be challenging due to stigma and the pressure to be “traditionally masculine”. Discussing emotions doesn’t always come naturally. With that in mind,...

Home & family

Tips for Managing Finances

1 min read

Plan your spend and budget – it might sound patronising but reviewing what’s coming into the household (earnings) and what’s going out (expenditure) can help identify potential savings.   Check...


Top tips for managing stress and burnout

2 min read

Maintain balance between your work and home lives.   Take your annual leave – it’s important to give yourself time to recuperate and rest, space out your annual leave rather...


Top tips for managing anxiety

0 min read

Keep your mind focused on the present moment, and what you can currently control.   Distract yourself from worries by doing something else. Absorb yourself in a hobby, get some...

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