The clocks have changed, but your sleep doesn’t have to

The team behind Sleepio have put together some advice to help you manage the sleep disruption you might experience due to the clocks changing.

Few people actually enjoy the extra hour of sleep when the clocks turn back. It’s often just another disruption to our internal clock. Luckily, taking these steps can help you adjust.


Before the clock change

Keep your sleep schedule: Defining your bedtime and rise time is a great way to enjoy satisfying efficient sleep.

Have a wind down routine: making time for a relaxing nighttime ritual can help your body wind down before bed.


After the clock change

Have a wake up routine: Avoid the snooze, get out of bed immediately upon awakening, and expose yourself to bright light.

If you have to nap, keep it short and early: Daytime naps can interfere with nighttime sleep if they’re too long and too late in the day.

If you need additional help adjusting to the clock change, try Sleepio.

Follow this link to take the Sleep Quiz and discover how you can improve your sleep tonight.

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