Top Tips for Supporting Staff

Top Tips for Supporting Staff

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Attend to the basics first, by paying attention to safety and practical needs. Ensure your staff have the equipment they need, as well as access to food, drink and uninterrupted rest.

Be available and show that you care. Check in with staff, ask about their worries and listen to their answers. Remember to ask how they’re doing at home, as well as at work.

Normalise emotional reactions to stress: there’s no shame in not feeling ok.

Help staff to pace themselves and cope with exhaustion. Check that they’re taking breaks and provide cover for their annual leave.

Acknowledge the challenges staff are facing, and encourage and support them to draw on their existing skills and experience.

Show appreciation and remind them of the valuable contribution they make to your team.

Create ways to maintain social connections (e.g. through a WhatsApp group or Buddy System).

Ask about the coping strategies individuals normally use and help them to use or adapt these strategies in the workplace.

Make sure staff know how to get help if they need it: The National Wellbeing Hub or the National Wellbeing Helpline: 0800 111 4191

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