Peer support in the workplace: putting theory into practice

In this video series, Heather Connolly, who is the Principal Health Psychologist in Occupational Health, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, answers our questions around her experiences of implementing a peer support programme. Watch the full series or toggle through the individual clips using the controls in the top left corner.

Video 1: How do you define peer support?
Video 2: How does peer support differ from psychological debriefing?
Video 3: What does peer support look like within your service?
Video 4: How does peer support work for an individual who may need support?
Video 5: Who, within your service, might be expected to deliver peer support?
Video 6: What should managers consider if they want to adopt a model of peer support?
Video 7: What challenges might be faced when implementing a model of peer support?
Video 8: What has been your biggest learning point in relation to peer support?

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