Changes in Appetite 

Changes in Appetite 

Stress can impact many different systems in our body and can throw us off our normal eating routines. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re being affected by stress or worry. Being mindful of eating habits and noticing a change can therefore be useful in helping you get a sense of this.

You might not feel hungry or you might find yourself eating more than usual. Sometimes eating more can make you feel better in the short term. We also crave high energy foods if we are low on energy.

When our bodies are in survival mode, all resources are geared towards being able to survive the here and now, for example diverting energy away from our digestive system and to our muscles instead, so we may not feel hungry. You may also experience an upset stomach or need to use the toilet more.

Things that can help 

Eating as healthily as you can and drinking water throughout the day will help you physically manage the challenges you may be facing. Where possible, it may be helpful to plan out your meals in advance and stick to regular meal times. Try to be mindful of alcohol and caffeine intake too.

How to eat a healthy balanced diet 

The Eat Well Guide

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