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Top tips for making changes to improve your health and wellbeing

For a printable version of these tips, Download PDF here. These tips come from NHS Education for Scotland, and are intended to be used alongside the MAP – Motivation, Action…

Tips for supporting your peers

For a printable version of these tips, Download PDF here. Knowing what to say to someone you think is struggling can be tricky. These are our tips to help you…

How to start a conversation about men’s mental health

For men, speaking openly about mental health can be challenging due to stigma and the pressure to be “traditionally masculine”. Discussing emotions doesn’t always come naturally.

Tips for Managing Finances

Plan your spend and budget – it might sound patronising but reviewing what’s coming into the household (earnings) and what’s going out (expenditure) can help identify potential savings.

Top tips for managing stress and burnout

Maintain balance between your work and home lives.

Top tips for managing anxiety

Distract yourself from worries by doing something else. Absorb yourself in a hobby, get some exercise, watch a film, or chat with friends.

Tips for eating well on the job

Take some healthy snacks with you, such as unsalted nuts, fruit or chopped vegetables, to keep you going between meals.

5 tips for living with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Here are five top tips for those living with Seasonal Affective Disorder, kindly produced by the creators of the Daylight and Sleepio Programmes. Keep a diary Noting how you feel…

6 Tips for Better Sleep

Poor sleep is a common problem: about 40% of us are sleep deprived, and 1 in 5 of us can’t get to sleep even when we try. Poor sleep can have effects ranging from anxiety to depression…

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