How to start a conversation about men’s mental health

How to start a conversation about men’s mental health

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For men, speaking openly about mental health can be challenging due to stigma and the pressure to be “traditionally masculine”. Discussing emotions doesn’t always come naturally. With that in mind, here are some tips from the creators of Daylight and Sleepio to support the men in your life with their mental health.

Lead by example – Discuss your own mental health journey openly to model for others that it’s common and healthy. Men will notice other men readily discussing things like finding a therapist or taking other steps to improve mental health.

Know the signs – Indicators someone might need to talk range from loss of energy, anger and irritability, alcohol/drug use, social isolation and withdrawal, and loss of interest in activities and hobbies.

Ask, then ask again – Some men feel reluctant to show vulnerability or talk about their feelings. If a friend says they’re fine but you suspect they aren’t, asking a second time can show that you care and are ready to listen.

Suggest an activity – A sit-down chat might feel intimidating to someone you’re trying to talk with. Suggest going for a walk, a visit to the gym, or a trip to the pub – anything that will make the person feel more comfortable.

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