World Sleep Day – Tips to help you sleep better


World Sleep Day is on 15th March.

We all struggle with our sleep from time to time. Sometimes poor sleep can be the result of stress we have going on in work or other parts of our lives. Often poor sleep quality comes from our poor sleep habits.

This World Sleep Day, Sleepio are sharing some top tips to help you get better sleep and live healthier:

  1. Spend 15 minutes a few hours before bed making a to-do list for tomorrow with plans for how to deal with each point
  2. Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary by keeping non-sleep activities out
  3. Keep phones and tech outside the bedroom
  4. Try to limit vigorous activity to the morning and afternoon
  5. Try not to hit that snooze button by making sure you’re getting enough sleep
  6. Keep a regular daily rise time and routine where possible
  7. Try not to have long lie-ins at the weekend

For shift workers

Our final 4 should specifically help those of you who work shifts:

  1. Before your shift: Try a brief 30-40 minute nap to reduce sleepiness when you’re at work
  2. During your shift: Use bright light at the start of your shift to encourage alertness and if working the same shift for a few days, eat a meal or snack at the same time each day
  3. Getting home after your night shift: Wear dark glasses on the way home to encourage the production of melatonin and prepare your body for sleep
  4. When you get home: Make sure the people you live with know that you are resting and try some black out blinds to keep the sunlight out of your bedroom

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