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Little Things

To lift your spirits


Scottish Ballet and NHS Scotland have created a programme of 10-minute movement exercises especially for you:  Scottish BalletHealth at Hand: Movement and Breath Sessions for NHS and Social Care Staff.


Join virtual tours of local and international heritage venues and exhibitions, such as Edinburgh Castle, the New Zealand Museum of Technology and Transport, and the National Museum of Qatar. You can sign up to the programme by emailing: PrescribeCulture@ed.ac.uk.


Paris Opera Ballet: Dancers at home
A film from the Paris Opera Dancers.


Palle Alone In the World

Lovely short film about a wee boy who wakes up to find that everyone has disappeared, so he drives a tram and flies a plane.


Another Company Meeting

A humorous reflection on the video and conference calls many of us are part of.


Mummy pig

Home schooling can be like….


How to write “hello” in Mandarin

Last but not least, how to write hello in Mandarin.

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