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0 min read

Team Dynamics  CIPD podcast ‘Building the best team’  Civility Saves Lives Learning from Excellence Scottish Ballet – Health at Hand: Movement and Breath sessions for NHS and Social Care staff…

What if some members of my family have health conditions or are elderly? 

2 min read

We know that COVID-19 can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, including older people and people with long term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung…

My PA is unwell. How do I get emergency support?

0 min read

SPAEN and PA network have been working together to draw up an emergency register of PAs where usual staff are not available due to sickness or isolation etc. For information…

Important issues

Is there any guidance on working from home?

2 min read

If this is the first time you’re working from home, the chances are you’ll be getting to grips with unfamiliar technology, setting up a work station, establishing a new routine, and…

Team matters

Coaching for Wellbeing – a digital coaching service for all health and social care staff 

0 min read

Do you want to be more active in caring for your health and wellbeing during Covid-19, but not sure what to focus on? Do you want to make the most…

Team matters

Project Lift – training for leaders in health and social care 

1 min read

Project Lift  is a new approach to recruit, retain, develop and manage talent within Health and Social Care in Scotland to ensure all leaders can be the very best and most able…

Team matters

Training for managers in health and social care 

0 min read

The Leadership and Management Zone of NHS Education for Scotland that are available to managers in health and care, you can find these using the links below. Leadership and Management Zone on…


Exhaustion & Fatigue

4 min read

Health and social care staff across the country have responded to the pandemic with dedication and energy. With long hours and missed weekends, the boundaries between our work and our…

Caring for You

Relationship Difficulties

3 min read

All of us have experienced a change in how we interact with people, in terms of the impact of restrictions, social distancing, PPE, and also with regard to the people…

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