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Home & family

How can I help my children get through this? 

4 min read

Your children are probably more aware of what’s going on than you think and the chances are that they’ll be sensing something’s wrong. So no matter what age they are, it’s important that you…

Important issues


0 min read

For the latest Scottish Government updates on Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland, follow this link. And for broader information around the vaccine from NHS Inform, follow this link. You can also find some…

RPS Pledge – An example of leading practice

0 min read

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s ‘Pledge’ aims to support the pharmacy profession to be more inclusive, and to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Committing to this will…

Team matters

Prepare, train and support

3 min read

There are many things that protect health and social care staff against the emotional toll of the work they do with people who are seriously ill, or vulnerable in other ways. These include the support we get from colleagues, a sense of purpose and pride in doing an important job to the best of our abilities.

Team matters

Helping people pace themselves and cope with exhaustion

2 min read

Health and social care staff across the country have responded to the pandemic with dedication and energy, lots of energy. Working long hours, including at home, has stretched the boundaries…

Team matters

Making it ok to ask for help 

0 min read

Encourage staff to look after their physical and mental health and model this by looking after your own. Remember we all have different ways of doing this, some people may…

Home & family

Top tips for managing working parenthood

5 min read

Daisy Dowling’s (Founder and CEO of WorkParent)top tips for managing working parenthood.

Team matters

Showing appreciation

0 min read

A heartfelt thank you boosts everyone’s morale. Keep finding ways to show that you and the wider organisation recognise, appreciate and value the work of staff. Be cautious about the language of…

Team matters

More resources to help you support your staff

0 min read

Find advice and practical recommendations here:  Support for staff – SG June 2020  Support the Workers Taking care of your staff – protecting the psychosocial well-being of staff and teams…

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