Worsening of mental health conditions 

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Worsening of mental health conditions 

If you struggled with mental health issues before the pandemic, you might find that some of those difficulties are worse right now. Many of us cope with life’s challenges by going outdoors, meeting up with friends and family, or going on holiday, but these coping strategies may be compromised just now. We may also be facing additional worry, stress and loss during these times, all of which will impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Things that can help 

Right now, you may be unable to do some of the things that used to help you cope. Consider ways you can adapt any healthy coping strategies to the current situation. It might be helpful to speak to your GP for further advice. It can also be helpful to speak to friends, family or colleagues if you feel comfortable enough to do so.

For information on mental health and wellbeing supports in your local area, please click here.

Below you’ll find a list of resources that will help you to manage stress, worry and anxiety:

Doing what Matters in Times of Stress:  A Stress Management Guide. Spending a few minutes each day doing some of the techniques can help to reduce your stress. You can also listen to audio clips that go with the guide.

Living with Worry and Anxiety amidst Global Uncertainty: A guide for managing worry and anxiety.

Face Covid:  A video clip and written guide on steps you can take to manage feelings of anxiety and worry based on the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy. Click here for the pdf.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook: A guide you can work through to help manage your anxiety, including a list of 74 ideas for healthy distraction.

Free apps and online programs: 

Feeling Good: A free audio programme that combines relaxation and sports coaching to help you develop a positive mindset. Follow this link for a Quick Guide for accessing Feeling Good.

Sleepio: An evidence-based sleep improvement program. Follow this link for a Quick Guide for accessing Sleepio.

Daylight: A smart-phone based app that helps with anxiety and worry. Follow this link for a Quick Guide for accessing Daylight.

Silvercloud: CBT-based programs that focus on supporting your wellbeing, including managing your mental health, resilience, stress and sleep. Use code Wellhubscot. Follow this link for a Quick Guide for accessing Silvercloud.

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