Where can I find more resources to help in my work with people affected by Covid-19 and the lockdown?

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Where can I find more resources to help in my work with people affected by Covid-19 and the lockdown?

In building this website we’ve come across lots of helpful resources and guidance for staff working across health and social care during the pandemic. This list is not exhaustive, so please get in touch if you know of other materials people will find helpful.

Useful sites: 

NHS Education for Scotland: Learning resources for professionals

SSSC COVID19 courses for social services staff

Health Protection Scotland guidance for professionals

General Advice:  

Talking with distressed people by phone

Staff working in health settings: 

Coping with coronavirus – advice for ICU health care staff

COVID19 Guiding principles for nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals (NHSGGC)

NICE COVID-19: Critical care admission – rapid guidelines: critical care in adults

Withdrawal of active treatment in ITU setting

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Staff working in care settings: 

Covid-19 guidance on visiting adult care homes and supporting residents

Support workers in all healthcare settings – Recognising and reporting people who are deteriorating

COVID19 Infection Prevention and Control for support workers in health and care settings

Supporting families: 

Advice for supporting children, young people and their families manage their anxiety about COVID19

Supporting families affected by domestic violence:  

Safe and Together COVID19: a quick guide

Supporting older people: 

COVID-19 Looking after your wellbeing

Bereavement and end of life care: 

Support around death resources (SAD)

Recognising and understanding loss (Wellbeing College, Health in Mind)

Advice for social service workers (SSSC)

Discussing dying (NES)

COVID19 – Palliative Care guidance

Talking about visiting when someone is dying (NES)

We will have to talk about dying (NHS Scotland)

Delivering news of a death by telephone (NES)

Living with death – NES: Stories for Education teaching resource

Bereavement Charter for Scotland

Bereavement Charter for Scotland – Guidance notes

Caring Conversations – Bereavement and Covid19 (UNISON)

Talking & being with people who are bereaved (NES)

Mental health: 

Psychological Distress and Coronavirus – Advice for professionals support to people in isolation

Meeting the psychological needs of people recovering from severe coronavirus

Guidance for delivering cognitive therapy for PTSD remotely

Moral Injury: What it is and Why it Matters in a Pandemic – Esther Murray (webinar)

IAPT Covid webinar series - NHS England have kindly agreed to make available the national webinar series on adapting and delivering psychological treatment remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.

There are 7 webinars planned: Cognitive Therapy for PTSD, Delivering safe pyschological wellbeing practitioner interventions,  Treating Social Anxiety Disorder, Behavioural Activation, Traumatic Grief interventions, Delivery of OCD treatment, Delivery of Health Anxiety interventions, and Managing Long Term Condition interventions.

You can find the link on the NES Taking care of other people page where you can set up a TURAS account to access them.

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