Unpaid carers 

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Unpaid carers 

We know that unpaid carers are likely to be under additional pressure during the current pandemic. Many of you are trying to juggle work and study, with an increasing caring role, while also trying to maintain safe distancing and follow restriction rules. We know that you may not be getting the support or breaks from services that usually help you cope or that you may be caring for loved ones at home to shield them from the virus. Some of you are also carers in your work lives as well as being unpaid carers at home.

At this time it may seem that taking care of your mental health and wellbeing comes way down the priority list of things to do.  Hard as it may seem, it is important to find even small ways to look after yourself. Please have a look at the resources on this website and see if there’s anything that might help you during these difficult times.

To find out about local carer support services, including carer centres near you, Care Information Scotland provides a detailed list of all carer centres and young carers services across Scotland.

Local carers services are currently providing support, information and advice to carers over the phone and online.

The support offered differs depending on which centre you use however all will be able to support you with questions you may have around the current pandemic.

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