Understanding Resilience 

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Understanding Resilience 

Resilience refers to your ability to navigate through and recover from stressors you are faced with on a daily basis. Whether you can bounce back depends on the stresses you face and the resources you have to help you cope. When your resilience is low, there is a higher risk of developing signs of burnout.

This film explains well how resilience works.

Our friends at the Resilience Engine have shared their resilience check in tool. Click here to see how you’re doing.

If your resilience is stretched, have a look at the suggestions on this page.

You can read more about resilience here: PRoMIS Resilience and here: Individual and team resilience.

The following link will take you to information on stress and resilience, and how to cope if you notice your resilience reducing: Stress, Coping and Resilience.

You might also want to check out the Resilience Alphabet, which is a downloadable resource to help you improve your resilience and inner strength.  It offers daily resources over a 26 day period. There’s also a Resilience Alphabet toolkit for young people aged 13-16, to help them work through and express their feelings and thoughts during this time of change. You can find this toolkit by clicking here.

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