Top tips for supporting teams

Top tips for supporting teams

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Maintain routines and structures which support staff.

Check in with the team; pay particular attention to staff who might feel disconnected from their colleagues – those who are absent, homeworking, or new to the team.

Find ways to be a team. Protect time for team activities; formal meetings and informal coffee breaks, either in real life or virtually.

Build rapid team reviews into daily routines (virtual or in-person), to allow team members to learn together, support one another, celebrate success, and reflect on experiences shared.

If staff are distressed try to follow the principles of Psychological First Aid.

Check in with staff who you’re concerned aren’t coping, so they know you’re available to listen when they need you.

Buddy up new team members with existing staff to help ease the transition into an unfamiliar role.

For more practical help: Signpost to The National Wellbeing Hub and the National Wellbeing Helpline: 0800 111 4191

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