Top tips for staying safe and well at work

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Top tips for staying safe and well at work

Stay connected. Make connection to your family, friends and colleagues a priority.

Find out about normal reactions. The chances are your feelings and emotions are a normal reaction to stress.


Keep a clear boundary between your work life and home life.


Get a good sleep. If you’re having problems, try Sleepio. It’s free to all health and social care staff.


Remember self-compassion. Learn to be as kind to yourself as you are to the people you’re supporting.


Remember to exercise, relax and take a break. Spend time outside in the fresh air and get in touch with nature. Learn a breathing exercise.


Eat healthily and remember to give your body the energy it needs.


Take care with alcohol.


Limit your exposure to the news and media.


Talk or reach out if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed. Remember there’s no shame in not feeling okay.


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