Tips for managing alcohol

Tips for managing alcohol

For a printable version of these tips, Download PDF here.

Try keeping track of how many units you’re drinking NHS Inform have a handy unit calculator which you can find here or search for ‘How does my drinking add up’ online

If you’re worried you might be drinking too much, fill in the interactive Audit self-report questionnaire to help assess your alcohol consumption and identify implications to your health and wellbeing

If you think you’re drinking a bit more heavily it’s worth checking out the Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) website where you’ll find information on how to cut down safely.

If you want to reduce your drinking, try having some alcohol-free days, try alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, or swapping strong drinks for ones with a lower strength (ABV in %)

If you are drinking heavily, try to reduce the volume you’re drinking just a little bit day by day – it’s really important you don’t stop drinking too suddenly as this can be dangerous.

Try to reconnect with people socially. Give someone a phone or arrange a video call, alternatively meet someone to go for a walk with.

If you feel you can it might be worth telling your friends or family you’re trying to cut down and that it’s important to you – they can support you

If you’re still struggling, make an appointment with your GP or check out local alcohol services. Find alcohol services near you here or Google ‘NHS Inform where to get help’.

You can also find support through organisations such as SMART Recovery UK and AA who host regular meetings and can be contacted directly through their website.

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