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Support team identity 

Do your best to maintain the routines and structures which support staff in normal times. Pay particular attention to staff who are disconnected from their colleagues, through sickness or absence, those working from home, and those who are new to the team. Try to get to know them and make sure you stay in touch. Recognise problems, acknowledge losses, and share and celebrate positives.

Encourage teams to find ways to still be teams. Protect time for team activities; formal meetings and informal coffee breaks, either in real life and virtually. If Wednesday was the day you all had a breakfast roll together, then try to still do this. These routines and this informal social support are at the heart of what keeps us well at work.

Here are some resources on managing Team Dynamics and Multi-agency teams.

Perhaps you could spend 10 minutes at the beginning and/or end of shift managing stress with this offer from Scottish Ballet – Health at Hand: Movement and Breath sessions for NHS and Social Care staff. Each 10-minute session is designed to address physical and mental health, and is accompanied by specially created music.

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