It can be helpful to try to remember the things that you usually do to help you relax and unwind. Where possible, take the time to do them, e.g. going out for a walk, cooking, listening to music or watching an entertaining programme. You may have to adapt some of these things in the current situation and while they may not be as good as before, it will be better for you than not doing them at all.

Learning to relax your body can help reduce physical tension and make you feel less stressed. It can help you to feel calm and better able to focus on the present moment. Using relaxation techniques regularly or every once in a while can help. You might find that relaxation techniques work quickly for you, or you may have to practice them over time before they start to work.

A great place to start is with some guided relaxation. Click on the Relaxation podcast link below for 10 minutes of guided relaxation with Mindfulness coach Martin Stepek – you can try it sat on the couch, at your desk, walking round the garden, or anywhere that you can grab 10 minutes to yourself.

Relaxation podcast here

Relaxation exercises can also be found on the Feeling Good app. Follow this link for a Quick Guide for accessing Feeling Good.

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