Relationship Difficulties

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Relationship Difficulties

All of us have experienced a change in how we interact with people, in terms of the impact of restrictions, social distancing, PPE, and also with regard to the people we live with. You may have found that relationships have become more strained both at home and within the work place as people have responded and tried to cope with the pandemic. You might worry about expectations placed on you by your family, colleagues, media and society as a whole.  

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times, but add COVID-19 into the mix and even the strongest couples will have felt the strain. There are things that you and your partner can do to support each other. One or both of you may be working from home just now, so take a look at your working hours and discuss how you can make them work for you both. Most people don’t usually spend all day every day with their other half and you or your partner might be used to having time on your own time, so accept that this is tricky for both of you. Try to let your partner have a little space each day and ask them to do the same for you. Reach out to friends for support and be compassionate to yourself and understand that stress can make you and others more irritable.  

You might find that you’re more worried about COVID-19 than your partner, or vice versa. What’s certain though is that you’re both different people and your responses to what’s going on are going to be different. These are strange days, but you may not ever have this much time together again, so try to see the positives and make some good memories together if you can.  

If you feel that you need professional support, this website provides information about relationship and counselling support, as well as guidance on mediation and help for people separated from their partners. You can also find out about local counselling services, including what happens at counselling and how much it costs, by visiting the Relationships Scotland website 

If home doesn’t feel like a safe place for you at the moment and you need to talk to someone in confidence, find help here.


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