Peer Support – a conversation with the experts podcast

Peer Support – a conversation with the experts podcast

Listen to Peer Support – a conversation with the experts

Gill Moreton, Clinical Lead for the Emergency Services at NHS Lothian’s Rivers Centre, and Gail Topping, a paramedic with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS), discuss all things peer support. This hugely informative chat covers everything from what peer support really means, why it is so important in the workplace, especially in highly stressful roles, the value of informal peer support, and tips for how you can enhance peer support within your organisation.

About the speakers

Gill is the Service lead for Lifelines Scotland, which provides training and online resources to the blue light community in Scotland on peer and post-trauma support. You can learn more about the work that Lifelines do by visiting their website.

Gail co-developed the ‘R U OK?’ peer support campaign within the Scottish Ambulance Service, which aimed to help promote conversations around mental health and wellbeing. You can read more about the campaign by following this link.

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