I’ve lost someone I love 

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I’ve lost someone I love 

Losing someone you love is difficult enough in any situation but if you’re cut off from the people who would normally support you, or you haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to your loved one, this is going to feel even harder. Emotionally, you may be feeling numb, angry, frightened, disorientated, overwhelmed, depressed, guilty or confused. These are all normal reactions, so please don’t be telling yourself that there’s a right way to do this.  You’ll grieve in your own way, at your own pace.

Sometimes one of the hardest things to face is other people’s reactions. Often they struggle to know what to say and they might even try to avoid talking to you in case they say something wrong. This is hard, particularly if you want to talk about your loved one or about the circumstances in which they died. So if you don’t find the support you need from family and friends, and you want to talk to someone in confidence, there are bereavement charities and organisations that can help. For example, the charity Cruse offers a telephone help line on 0808 808 1677, or you can find resources on their website here: Cruse.

PETAL (People Experiencing Trauma and Loss) is also offering bereavement counselling to anyone bereaved by COVID-19. You can phone them on 01698 324 502 or email info@petalsupport.com and you’ll find more information is on their website here.

The way that grief affects children and young people can be very different from the way it affects adults, so knowing what to say or where to find the right services can really help. A useful website for children, young people, parents and professionals is: www.childbereavementuk.org.

NES Talking to children who are bereaved 

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