Is there help for families who have a child with a disability?

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Is there help for families who have a child with a disability?

Families who have children with a disability may need more support at this time, so to help with this the Scottish Government has produced a COVID-19 support page that pulls together lots of relevant information, including advice on your rights, access to services, and links to an extensive range of organisations that have adapted their services to offer further help. You can find the Scottish Government support page here.  

If your child has autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder or a learning disability, it may be hard for them to manage all the changes to their routine and the increased anxiety that’s around at the moment. It’s important, therefore, that they’re given clear information about COVID-19 in an accessible way. You’ll already know what kind of things usually help your child when they’re worried, but keeping them busy and active is usually best, along with relaxation and self soothing strategies that can help reduce their anxiety. Enable have produced easy read information about COVID-19, and there are also hand washing tips for people with sensory difficulties. 

Cartoons or pictures might help, Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus  and the Resilience Alphabet for Kids is a Toolkit of 26 words and activities for children aged 7-12 years of age, to help them to build inner strength and resilience during Covid-19. 

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