Feelings of guilt or shame 

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Feelings of guilt or shame 

In the course of your professional duties, you may be faced with difficult decisions that are not in keeping with your values or moral code. You may have to prevent families from visiting their loved ones at highly distressing times, or you may be unable to achieve the outcomes for patients or clients that you would hope for. This can lead to feelings of guilt or distress, which is sometimes described as moral injury.

Things that can help

Speak to your colleagues and teams if you feel able. It may be that many people are experiencing something similar. Be kind and compassionate to yourself, remembering that many things are outside of your control and you are tied by the rules of the organisation.   While this is difficult, it reflects what is necessary and possible in the current situation. Remember that doing your best looks different under different circumstances.

For more information on moral injury and how to cope: Moral Injury

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