Connect with others 

Connect with others 

Spending time with people we like is good for our wellbeing. The pandemic has disrupted this and many of us are adapting and learning new ways of staying in touch with family and friends. Where possible, try to find time to balance home and work responsibilities with spending time with family and friends in whatever form that may be. Be mindful of not focusing all of the conversations on the current crisis, and take time to talk about and do other things too, for example playing a game or quiz.

You may also want to try making new connections by exploring opportunities to e-socialise with people who share similar interests to your own. For example, Prescribe Culture is a heritage-based initiative led by the University of Edinburgh’s Museum Service that harnesses the ability of cultural activities to boost mental wellbeing. The programme is now open to Scotland’s health and social care workforce, offering you virtual tours of local and international heritage venues and exhibitions, such as Edinburgh Castle, the Foundling Museum, the New Zealand Museum of Technology and Transport, and the National Museum of Qatar. You can sign up to the Prescribe Culture T30TV programme by emailing:

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself and recognise that it’s also OK to want time to yourself as well. It’s normal to want some time away from friends, family and colleagues, particularly when stress levels are running high.

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