Money Worries and Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Kevin Duffy, Scotland Partnership Manager with the Money and Pensions Service (MAPS), will introduce you to MAPS and some of its products and toolkits you can use to gain control…

Managing Working Parenthood in Current Times Podcast

Daisy Dowling, founder and CEO of Workparent, shares specific techniques and tools for successfully handling the challenges of your dual roles in these unique circumstances, including ways to “dual hat”…

Sleep, Glorious Sleep – everything you need to know but never dared to ask Podcast

In challenging times, difficulty sleeping is often the first symptom of poor mental health. Here’s your chance to learn about how to improve your sleep from world class sleep experts,…

Be Kind to Yourself – helping you cope with low mood Podcast

Martin Stepek will show you how to recognise unhelpful emotions arising and guide you on how to replace them with more positive emotions to be kinder to yourself. He’ll also…

Enhancing Personal Resilience – managing stress and staying positive Podcast

Dr Alistair Dobin and Dr Sheila Ross will introduce you to the Feeling Good app, and provide practical tips on using the app to improve sleep, resilience, and wellbeing through…

Psychological First Aid in the Workplace podcast

Psychological First Aid (PFA) has formed the basis of our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Paula Easton and Sarah Phillips will help you to understand PFA and how…

Sleeping on the Job – managing sleep and shift work Podcast

Dr Dimitri Gavriloff, a sleep specialist, highlights the impacts of shift work and ways to manage your sleep whilst working shifts.

Using Mindfulness to cope with anxiety about a post-COVID future Podcast

Martin Stepek, one of Scotland’s foremost teachers of mindfulness looks at how you can use mindfulness to get into the right frame of mind to cope with uncertainty and change….

Helping You Cope With Low Mood Podcast

This session provides and overview of the Feeling Good app, some practical tips for coping with low mood, and a Q&A. To find the Feeling Good app, follow this link.

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