Supporting Staff Wellbeing

For staff to flourish and perform at their best, they need to feel supported. In fact, support from colleagues and managers is often reported as a key factor in good workplace wellbeing. Knowing the right thing to do to support staff through challenges they’re facing isn’t always easy though.

Which is why we’ve compiled these pages of resources to help you support those around you.

Supporting Staff Wellbeing

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Top Tips for Supporting Staff

Attend to the basics first, by paying attention to safety and practical needs. Ensure your staff have the equipment they need, as well as access to food, drink and uninterrupted rest.

Developing self-compassion

Working in health and social care means that we are often caring for others, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves.  To care well for others, however, we also need to…

Understanding Resilience 

Resilience refers to your ability to navigate through and recover from stressors you are faced with on a daily basis. Whether you can bounce back depends on the stresses you…

Modelling: do as I do

Managers influence the tone and culture in the workplace and this is especially important when we talk about staff well-being. There’s little point trying to encourage your staff to take care of themselves if…

Helping people pace themselves and cope with exhaustion

As a manager, it’s understandable that you want to get the best out of your staff. You might be under pressure to meet deadlines or reduce waiting lists – whatever…

I’m concerned someone isn’t coping. What should I do?

Check in with them. Choose an appropriate time and ask how they’re doing. Let them know that you’ve noticed that they seem a bit different  (e.g. flat, irritable, tearful) and are wondering…

How can I support my colleagues?

Looking out for one another at work is always a good thing. Working in a supportive and cohesive team can protect us when we’re working in high stress and high pressure environments.  Do…

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