Physical Wellbeing

When it comes to physical wellbeing, knowing what we are supposed to be doing is often the easy part. The challenges can come when trying to find the time within an already bursting calendar, accessing the right equipment, or even just finding the motivation to get moving.

Which is why we’ve compiled this list of resources to help you on your journey of physical wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

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Exercise is a great way to reduce or wash away the stress of the day, it’s also one way to reduce the risk of a number of physical health concerns….

Tips for Managing Long Covid

Rest: Your body needs rest as it continues to recover. Take short rests throughout the day; stop regularly to do nothing.


In most cases, COVID-19 is a relatively short-lived illness. In mild cases, people tend to recover within a couple of weeks, while more severe cases may take much longer. In…

Restore with the Scottish Ballet Company

Rhiana Laws, Scottish Ballet Health Artist, leads a one-hour interactive training session offering stress-relieving movement, gentle stretches and breath awareness to support your wellbeing.

A General Iyengar Yoga class

Jane Walker, an NHS consultant and Iyengar yoga teacher, takes you through a general Iyengar yoga class suitable for those with and without previous yoga experience.

What can I do if I don’t feel safe at home?

 If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic abuse or other forms of violence and control at home, support and services are available.   If it’s safe to do so, speak to…

Changes in Appetite 

Stress can impact many different systems in our body and can throw us off our normal eating routines. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re being affected by stress or…

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