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My family's wellbeing


Home & family

Sleep, Glorious Sleep – everything you need to know but never dared to ask Podcast

0 min read

Prof Colin Espie and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff from Big Health and Sleepio hosted a live ‘sleep session’ and Q&A, facilitated by Prof Andrew Gumley.

Home & family

Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Sleep – techniques to help you feel better

0 min read

Dr Michelle David and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff discuss why we feel stress, what can cause poor sleep, and explore some techniques to help you manage and deal with these.

Home & family

Tips for working from home

1 min read

Get dressed so it feels like you’re going to work.   Take regular breaks, at least every couple of hours.   Eat well and keep energised throughout the day, without…

Home & family

How can I help my children get through this? 

4 min read

Your children are probably more aware of what’s going on than you think and the chances are that they’ll be sensing something’s wrong. So no matter what age they are, it’s important that you…

Home & family

A webinar programme for health and social care staff

0 min read

We are hosting a number of webinar sessions with a focus on Health and Wellbeing, details of these can be found in the table below. We will be adding additional sessions to…

Home & family

Relationship Difficulties

3 min read

All of us have experienced a change in how we interact with people, in terms of the impact of restrictions, social distancing, PPE, and also with regard to the people we live with….

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