Important issues


Important issues

Tips for Managing Finances

1 min read

Plan your spend and budget – it might sound patronising but reviewing what’s coming into the household (earnings) and what’s going out (expenditure) can help identify potential savings.   Check…

Supporting Colleagues

Coping with Grief

6 min read

When someone close to us dies there is no ‘correct’ or ‘usual’ way to cope.  Each of us experiences grief differently.  It is important to understand that grief is a…

Important issues

A conversation with an addictions doctor

0 min read

In this podcast Claire Fyvie interviews Dr David McCartney, an addictions doctor, about alcohol dependency, from the perspective of his own lived experience. David mentions a couple of organisations in…

Important issues

Path to Recovery (Janine’s story)

0 min read

We spoke with a healthcare professional who is recovering from Long COVID. Listen to Janine’s story in these short videos about recovering from Long COVID. You can hear Janine’s full…

Important issues

Returning to work with Long COVID – Grace’s Journey

0 min read

Grace, a healthcare professional who has experienced Long COVID, talks us through her return to work and how she is dealing with the challenges. You can watch Grace’s full journey,…

Important issues

Dr John Harden – Long COVID explained

0 min read

We spoke to John Harden, Deputy National Clinical Director, about Long COVID. In this series of short videos, he talks us through what Long COVID is, what to do if…

Team matters

Supporting staff experiencing long COVID: Information for Managers

4 min read

You may have staff returning to work after being unwell with COVID-19. We know that every individual’s experience of COVID-19, and their recovery from it, will be unique to them. So there’s no ‘one-size…

Important issues

Tips for Managing Long Covid

3 min read

Rest: Your body needs rest as it continues to recover. Take short rests throughout the day; stop regularly to do nothing.   Pace yourself: When you feel less fatigued, try…

Caring for You

An Introduction to Money Helper

0 min read

If you’re worried about money, especially if these worries are affecting your mental health, please reach out for support. Money Helper, provided by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) provides…

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