Colleague wellbeing


Supporting Colleagues

Making it ok to ask for help 

0 min read

Encourage staff to look after their physical and mental health and model this by looking after your own. Remember we all have different ways of doing this, some people may…

Supporting Colleagues

I’m concerned someone isn’t coping. What should I do?

1 min read

Check in with them. Choose an appropriate time and ask how they’re doing. Let them know that you’ve noticed that they seem a bit different  (e.g. flat, irritable, tearful) and are wondering…

Supporting Colleagues

How can I support my colleagues?

4 min read

Looking out for one another at work is always a good thing. Working in a supportive and cohesive team can protect us when we’re working in high stress and high pressure environments.  Do…

Supporting Colleagues

Training for managers in health and social care 

0 min read

The Leadership and Management Zone of NHS Education for Scotland that are available to managers in health and care, you can find these using the links below. Leadership and Management Zone on…

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