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Coping with Grief

6 min read

When someone close to us dies there is no ‘correct’ or ‘usual’ way to cope.  Each of us experiences grief differently.  It is important to understand that grief is a…

Caring for You

Anxiety – what it is, and how we can manage it. Podcast

0 min read

A lot of you might be feeling increasingly anxious at the moment, understandably so. In order to manage anxiety, it can help to first understand what it is and what…

Caring for You

5 tips for living with Seasonal Affective Disorder

1 min read

Keep a diary Noting how you feel at different times (for instance, in response to the weather or your schedule that day) can help you better understand what impacts your…

Caring for You

6 Tips for Better Sleep

2 min read

Poor sleep is a common problem: about 40% of us are sleep deprived, and 1 in 5 of us can’t get to sleep even when we try. Poor sleep can…

Caring for You

A conversation with an addictions doctor

0 min read

“I’d be seeing people who were certainly drinking similar amounts to me, but here I was in my suit, I was at work, I was seeing patients, I couldn’t have…

Caring for You

Tips for Managing Long Covid

3 min read

Rest: Your body needs rest as it continues to recover. Take short rests throughout the day; stop regularly to do nothing.   Pace yourself: When you feel less fatigued, try…

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