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The National Wellbeing Helpline - 0800 111 4191

The National Wellbeing Helpline is available for everyone working in health and social care services. It is a compassionate listening service which you can access whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 0800 111 4191.

The National Wellbeing Helpline is operated by NHS 24. Your call will be responded to by a trained Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) who will provide you with a range of support including some of the resources available through the National Wellbeing Hub. If needed, and only with your consent, the PWP can also refer you on to your local staff support service for further support.



Who is this Helpline for?
Everyone working in health and social care services in Scotland.

What does the Service offer?
The Helpline offers a compassionate and empathetic listening service based on the principles of Psychological First Aid. This is provided by trained Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners within NHS 24’s Mental Health Hub. These practitioners can also provide advice, signposting and onward referral to local staff services if required. You can choose to be referred to support services outwith your employing Board, if you prefer, as reciprocal arrangements have been put in place between Boards.

How will my confidentiality be preserved?
This is a completely confidential service. No information will be passed on without your consent. Only when there are immediate concerns for your welfare, will information be passed onto local urgent care providers but this will be discussed with you at the time of your call.

Will my GP, local Health Board or employer be informed?
No. Any contact with your GP, local Health Board or employer would only be with your consent. However, as above, if we are concerned for your immediate welfare, we may need to contact local urgent care providers (out of hours GP, emergency services) to assist you locally. This will be discussed with you at the time of your call.

What personal information will I have to provide?
a return telephone number
your first name and surname
your date of birth
the first line of your home address and post code

Is there an option for me to speak to a PWP completely anonymously, ie without giving any personal contact information?
Yes – you’re welcome to call the helpline anonymously. You are asked to provide your personal details to allow an onward referral to be made for additional support if that’s required. If you would like to remain anonymous, the PWPs will provide a compassionate listening service, but it will not be possible for the helpline to refer you to local staff support services.

What happens if I don’t wish to be referred for support to the Board in which I work?
You can choose to be referred to support services outwith your Health Board area. Reciprocal arrangements have been put in place between Health Boards to accommodate this. This can be discussed with the call handler and they will make all the arrangements for you. No contact will be made with your local Board in order for you to access this support, except if urgent care is required.

What about staff working in Scotland, but living in England?
The wellbeing line is accessible by staff living in England and working in Scotland. Staff living in England will be able to call from their homes or local areas.

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