Mental Health Awareness

Eat well, sleep well, exercise, socialise – knowing what we should be doing to look after our mental health is the easy bit. In practice though, it’s rarely so easy. We all have barriers to navigate and challenges to overcome when trying to look after ourselves. Often just knowing where to start can be difficult.

On this page, we’ve compiled our resources to help you and your colleagues get started on your journey to better mental health. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, low mood, sleep difficulties, or something else, take a look and see how we can help.

If you need a bit of extra support, you can find a directory of national and local services by following the ‘Services’ tab at the top of the page.

Gentle Yoga

Join Caroline, from Edinburgh Community Yoga, for this gentle yoga session, suitable for those with or without previous yoga experience. This is a very relaxed introductory session, and you won’t...

A General Iyengar Yoga class

Jane Walker, an NHS consultant and Iyengar yoga teacher, takes you through a general Iyengar yoga class suitable for those with and without previous yoga experience.

Restore with the Scottish Ballet Company

Rhiana Laws, Scottish Ballet Health Artist, leads a one-hour interactive training session offering stress-relieving movement, gentle stretches and breath awareness to support your wellbeing.


Exercise is a great way to reduce or wash away the stress of the day, it’s also one way to reduce the risk of a number of physical health concerns....

Using MAP for Wellbeing – a quick planning tool to use at work and at home

A lot of us have things we’d like to do a bit differently – eating better, exercising more, sleeping more, the list goes on. But making those changes isn’t always...

Top tips for managing anxiety

Distract yourself from worries by doing something else. Absorb yourself in a hobby, get some exercise, watch a film, or chat with friends.

Anxiety: Practical Tips to Help You

Tracey Moggeridge, Mindfulness Practitioner & Coach, presents a series of short Relaxation Practices. Session 1: ‘Find your feet, find your seat, find your hands’ Session 2: ‘Mindfulness practices’ Session 3:...

Tips for supporting your peers

For a printable version of these tips, Download PDF here. Knowing what to say to someone you think is struggling can be tricky. These are our tips to help you...

Top tips for making changes to improve your health and wellbeing

For a printable version of these tips, Download PDF here. These tips come from NHS Education for Scotland, and are intended to be used alongside the MAP – Motivation, Action...

6 Tips for Better Sleep

Poor sleep is a common problem: about 40% of us are sleep deprived, and 1 in 5 of us can’t get to sleep even when we try. Poor sleep can have effects ranging from anxiety to depression...

Refill your own cup

You can’t pour from an empty cup – self-care is vital, not only for looking after ourselves, but also for ensuring we are best placed to provide care to others....

Top tips for managing stress and burnout

Maintain balance between your work and home lives.

Anxiety – what it is, and how we can manage it

A lot of you might be feeling increasingly anxious at the moment, understandably so. In order to manage anxiety, it can help to first understand what it is and what...

Top tips for managing low mood

Try to develop and maintain a healthy routine; we all feel safer and more relaxed when we have a routine.

Be Kind to Your Mind

This session is aimed at helping you manage your worries and ultimately reduce your feelings of anxiety and stress. In this, the second of two sessions, Clinical Psychologist Dr Emma...

The Science of Stress and Anxiety: Evidence-based Techniques to make you feel better

Dr Michelle Davis, a clinical psychologist specialising in the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders, describes some of the causes of anxiety and provide practical, evidence-based tools and...

Be Kind to Yourself – helping you cope with low mood

Martin Stepek will show you how to recognise unhelpful emotions arising and guide you on how to replace them with more positive emotions to be kinder to yourself. He’ll also...

Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Sleep – techniques to help you feel better

Dr Michelle David and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff discuss why we feel stress, what can cause poor sleep, and explore some techniques to help you manage and deal with these.

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