Men's Health

While most health problems can be experienced by people of any gender, they aren’t always experienced in the same way, and some issues are unique to men. Men are often in a worse bill of health than women, but are also less likely to go to the doctors to get complaints checked out.

We know asking for help with our health can be hard. Sometimes we convince ourselves that physical symptoms aren’t that serious or worth worrying about. With our mental health we can feel embarrassed admitting how we feel, or worry we’ll be labelled as mentally ill.

That’s why we’ve compiled our Men’s Health resources to keep you informed of some common issues and what you can do to improve your physical and mental health. Have a browse through the links below to see how we can help.

Men’s Health – tools to help you on the road to better health

Did you know 1 in 5 men will die before they’re old enough to retire? There’s a lot of reasons why that’s the case, and there are a lot of...

Men’s mental health – John’s lived experience

In this series John, a social worker, talks about his experiences with mental health difficulties. On qualifying as a social worker in 2021, John worked in statutory services as part...

Men’s Mental Health – support for when you need it

Did you know 1 in 4 adults experience a mental health problem each year? Conditions like anxiety and depression are incredibly common – they can affect anyone and they can...

Promoting men’s health at work – support for managers

While most health concerns can affect people of any gender, they aren’t always experienced in the same way, and there are some issues which affect men uniquely. As a manager,...

How to start a conversation about men’s mental health

For men, speaking openly about mental health can be challenging due to stigma and the pressure to be “traditionally masculine”. Discussing emotions doesn’t always come naturally.

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