Managing anxiety during worrying times

A lot of our routines change over the summer, and it can be a daunting challenge getting them back in place as we move into September and beyond.

This time of year can bring our finances into sharper focus too – having paid for holidays and summer activities, and preparing for the new school term, the household funds may be somewhat drained.

Whatever your situation is, when it comes to money there is a lot more to worry about this year than normal. The on-going cost-of-living crisis is showing no signs of improving, with even the most basic essentials rocketing in price It’s likely you’re finding your pay check covers less and less of what you need it to.

Change and uncertainty can often have the knock-on effect of increasing anxiety levels. As can the very real financial worries a lot of us are currently facing.

We’ve compiled a page of resources to provide advice and support in relation to money worries and anxiety. Follow this link to have a look.

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