Going sober this October?

The pandemic may have changed your relationship with alcohol, for better or for worse. Figures published by Public Health Scotland suggest that, as a nation, we are drinking less than we were before the pandemic. However, they also point to those who were previously drinking heavily, now drinking more.

Each year, Macmillan Cancer Support run their Sober October campaign, aimed at encouraging people to give up alcohol for the month. Whatever your situation might be, you are likely to experience both physical and mental health benefits from reducing your alcohol intake. You might sleep better, experience a brighter mood, have more energy, feel less anxious, lose weight, and be able to concentrate better. There are also long-term benefits like reduced risk of heart disease or liver disease. You’ll probably save some money too.

Whether you want to cut down how much you drink, or give up alcohol all together, have a look at our Managing Alcohol page for some resources to help you on your journey.

Please note, if you are drinking heavily, it may harmful to stop drinking suddenly. If this applies to you, please try to speak to your GP, or visit NHS Inform to find support services in your area.

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