Managing Anxiety

Most of us feel anxious from time to time. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, you don’t have to suffer alone. Try some of the resources on this page to help you feel more in control and manage your anxiety.

Important issues

Managing Anxiety during a Winter of uncertainty

0 min read

As we move into winter, you might be feeling increasingly uncertain about what the next few months hold. There have been questions around whether Covid case numbers will increase, and...


Anxiety – what is is, and how we can manage it

0 min read

A lot of you might be feeling increasingly anxious at the moment, understandably so. In order to manage anxiety, it can help to first understand what it is and what...


Supporting your wellbeing: free apps and online programmes 

0 min read

All of these apps are free to Health and Social Care staff and unpaid carers in Scotland when accessed through this site.  Click the Quick Guide links for instructions. Feeling...


The Science of Stress and Anxiety: Evidence-based Techniques to make you feel better

0 min read

Dr Michelle Davis, a clinical psychologist specialising in the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders, describes some of the causes of anxiety and provide practical, evidence-based tools and...

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