Managing Alcohol

If you’re worried you or someone you know might be drinking too much, have a look at the resources we’ve put together on this page.

Whatever your situation, there’s no shame in asking for help, so please reach out if you need to – speak to those close to you if you can.

For further support you can call the National Wellbeing Helpline on 0800 111 4191. And for regulated health and social services professionals, you can contact the Workforce Specialist Service for confidential support. Details of the WSS can be found on our Service for You page.

Drink less – suggestions to help you cut down on alcohol

If you’re drinking heavily, it’s important to cut back gradually. If you’re a heavy drinker stopping drinking suddenly can lead to withdrawal symptoms and other health complications. If you drink...

A conversation with an addictions doctor

Listen to A conversation with an addictions doctor “I’d be seeing people who were certainly drinking similar amounts to me, but here I was in my suit, I was at...

Drinking too much alcohol?

There are a lot of possible reasons for why you might find yourself drinking more than you should. For example, you might be under pressure at work, experiencing stress at...

Tips for managing alcohol

If you are drinking heavily, try to reduce the volume you’re drinking just a little bit day by day – it’s really important you don’t stop drinking too suddenly as this can be dangerous.

Reducing your alcohol intake – advice from an addictions doctor

David McCartney, an addictions doctor, gives his advice to help you cut down how much alcohol you are drinking. You can find the ‘Drinking too much alcohol?’ section of this...

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